The title for this article is a line of dialogue spoken by actress Marlo Thomas, who portrayed Rachel’s mother Sandra Green on TV show “Friends”. In this episode, Rachel’s mother was ready to enter the dating scene again after splitting from Rachel’s father and posed the question bluntly to her daughter. It was a funny scene and it lampooned a couple of myths including the one about older people having little interest in sex after a certain age.

Although an extremely important part of the human experience, healthy and happy sexuality can still be a controversial conversation for many. However, with consistent innovative updates to sexuality and wellness products, now is the best time ever to be talking about the birds and the bees.

As with all retail and consumer-driven fields, innovation and trends are important in the human sexuality realm as well. New products are constantly being created to make sex and sexuality more pleasurable, accessible, and even more explorable. Whether it’s a product to aid in the basics of sex or to take experiences to a heightened level, there’s probably a product out there or one already in the works. In terms of toys, technology, lubes and lotions, here are some innovations to keep your love and sex life active and fun.

Lubes & Lotions
1. Healthy sexuality begins with prevention and some companies now feature water-based lubricants that feature olive leaf extract which acts as a biostatic and helps stop bacteria and yeast-causing fungus from spreading.

2. Lubricants that featured a numbing agent have been a popular trend in the marketplace but we are now seeing a move away from these as they can numb too much of the body, not allowing the person to feel anything – including pain. Although that was the original intent, it’s actually safer and better for your health to be able to feel everything, and to be aware of how the body is reacting to stimulation.

Toy Tech
Sex toy basics such as vibrators, strokers, and penile rings have already been improved by technological developments over the last few decades. Innovations such as more powerful motors, rechargeable internal batteries, waterproof technology, and multiple vibration patterns are the types of features now seen as standard for many toys, but it’s getting even better.

AI, DIY, Oh My!
1. A popular, high-end, German manufacturer has created a pulsating technology for their internal vibrators that basically make them a hands-free penetrating toy; taking pleasuring yourself or a partner to a whole new level!

2. A London, U.K.-based company that focuses strongly on healthy sexuality and education released a toy very different from the rest as it uses oscillating technology to stimulate the penis rather than vibrations, and is the first company to bring oscillating technology from the medical world into the sex toy market. “The Pulse” is a great toy option for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and those with disabilities as the oscillation can give pleasure whether the penis is flaccid or erect.

3. Sex robots are here! That’s right, artificial intelligence can now be found in sex dolls and smaller self-pleasuring toys. This makes them interactive as they can talk back, and physically move, making it a more realistic experience. Some of the more high-end and luxurious dolls are totally customisable in terms of appearance, voice, and language.

4. No lube? No problem! With some new shower toys you won’t need any. These reusable and squeezable toys feature an award-winning realistic material that turns slippery when wet. The toy mimics the feel and glide of using a lubricant, without the mess.

There’s an App for That
The number of brands that are using app-technology is on the rise. Previously dominated by Canadian brand We-Vibe, other brands are slowly starting to follow suit with the technological trend of Bluetooth and app control. Bluetooth allows partners to play from anywhere in the world and now thanks to apps, they can also control their sex toys.

One company is taking it even further with technology that allows partners to actually interact with each other by pairing certain toys. For example, Lovesense’s female toy ‘Nora’ and their male toy ‘Max’ can be used together for a more interactive experience. When one moves their toy, the other reacts, as if both partners were really engaged in the act together.

The Shocking New Trend
Taking the market by storm is the shocking new trend of electrosexual stimulation, or electrosex/e-stim. Although not a new concept, new technology has led to more play possibilities than ever for electrosex in the form of a variety of sex toy classics.

The Ultimate Storage Box
Cleaning, charging, and storing toys are no longer lengthy hassles with the new Uvee Toy Box. This ultimate storage box sanitizes toys and effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria with UV light, features a charging station for your rechargeables, and simultaneously keeps them under wraps by locking shut.

As 2018 continues, societal attitudes towards sex identity, gender, and the sexual exploitation of women are undergoing revolutionary changes, and some are long overdue. Initiating these conversations about change and a developing acceptance of non-traditional male and female roles should all be for the betterment of healthy adult human sexuality.

Human sexuality being what it is, options for personal sexual satisfaction will likely continue to be nurtured along with medical and technological developments in sexual health and pleasure.


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