VIRGO – August 24 to September 23

June 2019: Virgo frets and worries a bit much at times and often about your own fear that you lack some skill or quality that would improve your status. You earth signs are funny that way. Or Virgo can be quick to criticize others for their perceived deficiencies. It seems this is part of your process of analysis and desire to alchemically transform anything imperfect into a more perfect form, not giving up until it is perfect. You appear to detach emotionally to achieve the task at hand (think Mr. Spock in Star Trek), which makes you valuable in areas of work needing detachment like social care, health, medicine, other sciences and presumably interstellar space travel. This month, the planetary angles are stressful and maintaining a cooler head will be challenging as you know you’re not always as detached as you appear. The mix of energies could be very positive for you but perhaps not before creating some upheaval somewhere in your life mid-month allowing you to have an epiphany of sorts. There is a great possibility that although the rug may be pulled out from under you soon, you will land strongly on your feet in a place that ultimately will be very good for you because you have already thought of the solution. Remember this if you freak out mid-month about something you cannot change or fix and remember you have superhuman problem-solving skills.

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