VIRGO – August 24 to September 23

June 2020: Mars in Pisces has you a bit fired up and if you’re the more shy, retiring type of Virgo that may not be a bad thing. For the more anxious Virgos other people’s negativity or dominance issues may prey on your fears this month if you’re not careful. It’s never pretty when a Virgo loses it so hang on to your patience this month and avoid nasty people. Your high energy level now is well-used at work or in home projects now. Remember there are a few retrogrades this month and Mercury is one of them after the 17th so it is likely better to try to get the more important things or people looked after before then. The good news is all this does not have to stop you from having fun! Use your good sense of humour as well as your good work ethic to see you through this time. Focusing on peace and calm is very important now as you can be easily misled by your own or others’ fears and insecurities. Once overcoming your own lack of confidence you can really shine and manifest your very best qualities. Creativity is calling you and you should answer. You love the earth so get outdoors to leave some stress behind.

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