VIRGO – August 24 to September 23

April 2020: Some of you Virgos are really germ-phobic so this current pandemic must have you pretty freaked out. You tend to worry in ways that few other signs do and as long as you make sure you follow the advice of medical and government sources and not the internet/social media you will be fine. Likely you were already well-stocked on sanitation products, cleaners and household paper. Health and hygiene is kinda your thing. If not maybe it was a Virgo who started the panic toilet paper hoarding thing. Just kidding! Weirdly, now is a good time for your authentic self to fly and if you have time, explore your artistic/creative side. Aside from world affairs, the planets are good to you of late and although the community is in crisis you are in a good space. If you are in the health care field like many Virgoans then the rest of us thank you very much, understanding how hard you must be working. Fortunately, you tend to respond well during a crisis after the first anxious moments, then you step up, pitch in and be of help wherever you can. Remember, your service to others takes your mind off your own problems.

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