VIRGO – August 24 to September 23

October 2019: With Pluto moving direct as the month begins many of you may be finding increased clarity with issues that had been bothering you for some time. Pluto has a way of making us take a hard look at ourselves and is involved with the deeper issues of heart and mind and life in general. In particular, the foundations and structures of what makes up our lives are governed by this planet. Its influence is at first felt as destructive to one or more foundations in one’s life, but from the debris leftover can be found hidden gems to use and rebuild a new foundation. Pluto arrives when one needs to rebuild or regenerate important structures that create our activities in life. Any dismantling of your life, or any upheaval should have already occurred and the time for recreating your life as you want it to be is now. Or soon perhaps if you’re still cleaning up messes. If you take a good look around at the deeper aspects of your life you may find that you’re pretty happy with where things are.

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