VIRGO – August 24 to September 23

February 2019: This year has started on a positive note as you continue to work with opportunities presented in 2018. Laying new foundations in relationships and your career are highlighted. You are empowered by meaningful work, often toiling long after the other signs have gone home, yet now is the time for balance. Neptune and Saturn are working together to help you streamline activities giving you greater satisfaction now. If you are not feeling satisfied then ask yourself why. Figure out what you can do to bring more joy and happiness into your life, whether it’s through spending more time with family or friends, enjoying creative arts or hobbies, or getting back in touch with your musical tastes. One caveat: watch out for shysters, con artists and other deceivers now. Also, be sure you’re not falling prey to self-deception as you are in a much more dreamy mood than usual.

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