VIRGO – August 24 to September 23

January 2020: You are going to love this year 2020 but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As the sign that is the earth mother of sustenance and prosperity (harvest) you can be very Zen–when you’re not stuck in a hole of dark anxiety. Virgo the Virgin is all about the harvest but also a symbol of retreat into a quiet place to await the next cycle of birth and growth (spring). It is in these deep and dark wintry places where we all should review our past but not be stuck in it. You know that winter is not forever; the seasons constantly change and change is a theme for you in 2020. What’s even better, you should be looking out for some wonderful opportunities. Like other signs, you’ve had your roller-coaster ride through 2019 but you can expect many positive new developments. But first, finish off with the old by ditching any negative attitudes holding you back. Mars and Neptune may bring a hidden problem to light or even an illness this month so pay attention to your health but all else looks pretty good. Even the lunar eclipse encourages you to shine a light on your blessings and lift your spirits. Attitude is very important to your success so take control of your emotions and allow yourself to feel more cheerful and this year will get off to a great start.

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