VIRGO – August 24 to September 23

April 2019: Your workload just increased big time or will soon. Maybe this is part of the plan as Virgos love to keep busy, but Mars is making sure you work double-time in April. New technology, work hours, or SOP’s at work will be frustrating as the kinks and bugs are worked out, but in truth, that is what you’re best at — coming up with more efficient and productive systems — if you keep your patience and avoid being a grouch. Your sense of humour is a good release valve for the neurotic tension you hold onto so easily and that contributes to your impatience now. You’re excellent at fixing machinery because of your attention to detail and your understanding of how the parts contribute to the systemic whole. Remember this as you find the machinery of your life transforming this year into new daily rituals that are probably better for you, or will be if you just let life unfold and stop nitpicking.

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