VIRGO – August 24 to September 23

August 2019: Your energy level should pick up by mid-month. Retrograde and stressful planetary cycles wear you out faster than most as your fight vs. flight response is often more hair-trigger than the rest of the signs. Many of you are as jumpy as a feral cat but try to hide it which makes it a bit more damaging. Fears, worry and anxiety then get buried where they continuously feed your inner insecurities. Of course, not all Virgoans react in this manner but ask yourself if you do and if so, think about ways to move in more positive directions. Virgos are creatures of habit so these habits can be hard to break but not impossible. First, get out of your over-analytical head and out of the house and enjoy nature. Take a trip now if you can and enjoy this last full month of summer. By end of month, you’re back to the daily grind but you don’t have to have the same attitude. This is the beginning of harvest time for you so seek opportunities for change or advancement at work and you may be surprised to find that you can get what you want now.

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