TAURUS – April 21 to May 21

June 2020:  These retrograde planets have been brutal to you Bulls. Good thing you’re strong enough to weather any storm. Family or work disputes have you on edge, perhaps due to the quarantine but these problems have likely been brewing for some time. They just came to a head during Venus retrograde as that’s kind of her job; to make everyone look at what is not working in the area of relationships. In case you didn’t know, your sign is pretty stubborn and resistant to change. The problem with that is small issues grow into big ones. The good news is even though Mercury will be retrograde beginning on the 17th the fact that Venus will be direct again a week later on the 24th will help. An outside mediator or advocate could be of assistance this month so don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re catching up on a few things now and even a short trip at the end of the month is possible. Don’t worry about using emergency funds for any important needs now. There is time to replenish them later in the year and that’s why you put money away; for crisis times such as this. Work on a plan to make your dreams come true now but for acting on later.

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