TAURUS – April 21 to May 21

April 2019: March saw you keeping pretty busy but now that Mars has moved out of Taurus life should be a little less hectic. Your knowledge and expertise in all kinds of practical activities are well-known but even the younger Bulls exude extra maturity, skill and wisdom in April. That will be augmented if you are finishing up the school year or graduating in 2019. It’s a perfect time to look at expanding your career, with further follow-up required in May. You should feel a burst of renewed energy and vitality just in time for the Sun to move into Taurus late month; and you will need it as work responsibilities demand more attention and compete with responsibilities at home. Maybe it’s time you told someone else to start taking up their share of work? You’ve tried to be very flexible (not easy for you!) but you may be trying to please someone impossible to please. If so, just stop for one day and see what happens. Very likely, the world will not stop rotating.

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