TAURUS – April 21 to May 21

August 2019: Summer brings together many of spring’s promises now that planetary cycles are shifting. You’ll enjoy a bountiful month if you pay attention. Like a garden that has grown lush and is now bearing fruit you’re able to enjoy these fruits of your labours now. You’re filled with new ideas and a desire for new activities so get exploring. Dust off your research and networking skills and as the quotation goes, seek and ye shall find. The work should be done in the first couple weeks of the month and by the end of the month you should see definite progress with a pile-up of five planets in Virgo lending their hands helping you harvest. Celebrations are enjoyed too and you may find yourself hosting more than a few visitors now; some from far-off or exotic places. Or, you’ll visit them. You’re racking up a lot of loyalty points through travel or large purchases but don’t get yourself in too deep with credit or you’ll soon have the sharks circling. Overall, this should be a happy month with lots to feel grateful for.

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