SCORPIO – October 24 to November 22

January 2020: Travel and education are highlighted for you this month but it is more likely you are having a spiritual retreat which may provide learning and travel to new forms of thought. As a sign that prefers the status quo (you on top) this doesn’t mean that you cannot be there for others. You take responsibility for your own life and happiness and secretly wish more people did as well. You enjoy helping others but no one wants to be an appliance for someone else’s ego and narcissism that has run amok. Now is the time you can disconnect those buttons and set those people straight. Those people being the manipulators in your life, or those who have little respect for your good qualities. Yes, you have negative traits too like all signs and fall easily into your shadow side at times exposing yourself to criticism, but the light is shining on you again and you probably know what you need to do this year to get ahead. Diverse areas of life may also be coming together to create a whole new you that is wiser and stronger. Good. Handle the details early this month but plan for more fun and games and maybe even romance at the end of the month. Replace romance with friendly get-togethers if that’s more your thing but kick up your heels and enjoy life!

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