SCORPIO – October 24 to November 22

June 2019: Your ruling planet Pluto gets a kick from Mars around the 19th sending you into a powerful new cycle. This is a good time to lay new foundations for a larger project that you can work on for the coming several months. You may find yourself renovating something you thought was finished then realize that it needs dismantling and reconstruction as something isn’t right. You’ll figure it out as you go along since you’re resourceful. You may choose to take another look at higher life philosophies or religion and you may be planning to be a student or teacher later in the year. The end of this month is better for relaxation too as you are still tying up loose ends in early June. Family members try to drag you into their personal dramas but you have little time and patience now and need to dig in your heels to make the dragging more difficult. Your interests in history and genealogy may attract you now and getting away from the grind by digging into research could help you get away from the family drama. Grab any holiday time now as the opportunity may not be there in July or August.

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