SCORPIO – October 24 to November 22

August 2019: The past year has been wearing for many even you armour-plated Scorpions. The retrograde planets have delayed some of your plans and projects begun earlier this year but the dam is finally going to burst soon. Perhaps along with your temperament as you’ve had to keep quiet about a number of issues. This month you have no time to be sensitive so you may step on a few toes with some conflicts coming to a head early this month. But you are resourceful and will probably juggle all the demands well even if you get a bit surly with those who regularly give you stress. As a caretaker type of sign, you solve problems and pick up the pieces for others but now you’re thinking some people need to look after their own stuff and you are right. Financial problems can be resolved now, perhaps due to a windfall or a debt being completely paid. The end of the month sees you pursuing new activities or learning a new skill and it is a perfect time for this.

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