SCORPIO – October 24 to November 22

April 2020: You don’t mind hiding out for a while, your sign symbol and planetary ruler live in the underground. Many Scorpions work in health care and our hats are off to all of you as we understand the sacrifices you make for the health of the community. Many others work in social service, finance or manufacturing. All areas of society that serve the needs of the public are often managed by Scorpios as they are so capable at caring for others. For this we thank you. The Mars Saturn conjunction and a couple other planets present challenges to you but you will make sure your family is taken care of even as you do your job. The beginning of the month is a more challenging period of adjustment for you due to mechanical or relationship breakdowns and the chaos that has come with the coronavirus pandemic. Your faith and spiritual needs are unwavering although you need to adjust your schedule. In fact, you are likely taking a leadership role in bringing others to spiritual fulfillment now. Your sign is a pro at recovery and helping others recover from disaster so your skills are much needed now but make sure you get your rest too.

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