SCORPIO – October 24 to November 22

October 2019: Some planetary activities are activating a few areas of your life positively now. Being a wise Scorpio at any age, you endure the hardships of life quite well. You know when to be still and wait for things to improve—and when it is the right time to act or speak. Your sign is not without patience and it serves you well. But Mercury and Venus are leading the pack in your sign this month and telling you to get up, get out and have some fun. You may find lots of time to socialize with family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday, your favourite time of year. The changing colours of the leaves energize you reminding you of the cycles of life. Just remember that not all changes need to be embraced but acceptance of change can go a long way. Spiritual or educational pursuits may interest you more now. You like to dig deep into the heart of things and these are two great activities for you to undertake as the understanding you achieve will be very powerful and add to your list of successful ventures.

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