SCORPIO – October 24 to November 22

December 2019: Mars in your sign this month is making sure you are keeping pretty busy. You don’t care to rush normally but with so much going on you can’t dawdle in December. Take care to be more aware however. This also includes your reactions to people who take more patience to spend time with. Often these people are perhaps not respecting one of your boundaries or in some other way have ticked you off. Your first reaction is to bite back but you’ll find it won’t get you anywhere but looking foolish. Thankfully, Saturn is coming along by mid-month to highlight discipline and wisdom to assist you and any issues should be settled before the holidays so you can have fun. Mars may also be giving you itchy feet as you dream of travel or visiting family in far-off places. Your energy level should be high and you always have a hidden reserve of energy or resources at your disposal. The planets moving through earth signs next year should be generally more kind to you too bringing new opportunities and activities. Next year is a great time to expand and develop existing life structures for even greater future success.

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