SAGITTARIUS – November 23 to December 22

June 2020:  The worldwide pandemic has created extra challenges for all but your sign is finding new pathways for work and career while also having fun. Even if retrograde, Venus gives some time for rediscovering new ways of relating to people. The week of the 14th could be more challenging as the Mars Neptune conjunction may affect you adversely. You may be questioning where you are in life and if further changes are required. There is a tendency with this aspect to want to escape responsibilities with escapist behaviour or to cut corners and not follow the rules. Ensure your occasional insensitivity is not harming others now as likely you are going to hear about it. It’s best to try to resolve any relationship or communication issues before the middle of the month. If there is nothing like that to worry about you could be busy pursuing creative or spiritual pursuits that bring you great joy. You may be feeling particularly inspired now and want to take off in a few directions. Travel plans may be rescheduled this month but better to discuss this now and book any trips after the Mercury retrograde ends in mid-July.

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