SAGITTARIUS – November 23 to December 22

April 2019: Most archers will be glad spring is here as this is the time to open windows and get outdoors where you really come alive. Enduring constraints is not easy for you as you need an atmosphere where your free spirit can thrive. Explore nature by finding new hiking paths, traveling, stargazing, and walking on the beach or waterfront as these will all wake you up and boost your energy after a rough winter. Things may feel as if they come to a standstill mid-month when your ruling planet Jupiter makes a station then goes retrograde. This cycle gives you an opportunity to take a rest and experience other dimensions of your life. What are you doing to relax? What is working? What isn’t? Where can you bring in more fresh air or find new resources in some areas of life that help you obtain what you really want? These are all great questions to ask yourself over the next few months. Upheavals may arrive or be created to force changes wherever you need to rebuild in your life. Whenever Jupiter travels through your sun sign, you experience a rejuvenation and renewal but first you must get rid of the old and outworn. This next four months is a gift from the Universe to help you recreate some structures in your life. Just remember pain is part of the process and a symptom of where something could use repair or change.

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