SAGITTARIUS – November 23 to December 22

January 2020: You have achieved some great progress over the past year. One dark spot that needs to be looked at is your need for escapism. Addiction is a form of escape that has gotten out of hand and you need to be wary of this especially in the latter part of this month when you may throw caution to the wind. It’s possible too you could suffer the consequences of someone else’s escapist tendencies so aim for living more in the real world especially if you noticed that you or someone else’s need for escape has gotten out of hand. On the bright side, there is a great opportunity now to rediscover your muse(s) and flex some creative wings. Whatever art form you choose will work so make it one you really enjoy. Or challenge yourself with something new. Money issues need to be attended to and should be a first priority so top up any savings plan to be better prepared for any future financial stress. Your love life may take a bit of a downturn at the end of the month if one or both of you are you not being honest. A forgiving nature is a virtue but being a doormat to someone’s control or ego is not. It’s a liability that would need addressing to prevent you getting caught up in the victim-perpetrator game.

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