SAGITTARIUS – November 23 to December 22

August 2019: You Archers are hot to trot this month. The fun planets are all telling you to get out and socialize, visit with friends and family and party like it’s your birthday. Why not? You have been working hard, dealing with all kinds of upheavals and new developments in your life and having to fix problems so it is time to put it all down… and then get down on the dance floor. Or whatever turns your crank. Now, if you have already been partying a lot and perhaps ignoring some responsibilities then that could fall on your head at the end of the month and is the Universe’s way to say, “the party is over get back to work.” At least the fun comes first and that’s how you like it. Truthfully, advancement in your work is possible, or perhaps you’re doing someone else’s job too because they’re falling down but either way the management will notice you’re pitching in extra. Rewards are more likely now this last few months of the year then ever and you may feel lucky so give thanks and do what you can to keep this good vibe going.

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