PISCES – February 19 to March 20

December 2019: You’re closing out the year with a bit of eagerness as this past year forced you to confront some thing(s) unpleasant and confusing. Some Pisceans had to focus on getting through a rollercoaster year. A few may have been victimised by someone who pretended to be someone else leaving you feeling defrauded and humiliated. Many Pisces people need to escape reality (often their first response to trouble) and make poor choices by escaping into isolation, addictive tendencies or other ultimately self-destructive responses. But many choose to escape into work, art forms, creativity, entertainment and travel. These at least are more healthy escapes and would be better choices. Another choice would be to stand your ground more often this year, or withdraw from the dirty players. Everyone knows you’re sometimes naive and you leave yourself open to being manipulated or pushed around by others. This year ahead you have opportunities to retrain others on how to treat you. You may need to pull back and regroup before moving forward again. Be true to yourself is an often quoted cliche but no more real or needed by you than right now.

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