PISCES – February 19 to March 20

January 2020: You start the year with the moon in your sign on the 1st. This may cause you to reflect on your feelings and the past year and that’s a good thing. In a year filled with ups and downs for all signs know that Capricorn planets are often kind to the Fishes and half of the ten planets used in astrology start the year in the Goat-Fish. Ahhh, did you not notice that the Capricorn goat has a fish’s tail? That indicates its connection to your sign but whereas they hide their feelings you wear yours on your sleeve. Early in the month there are a lot of details to attend to, or you could take this time to get caught up on things and should as later in the month will be busy too. After the lunar eclipse on the 10th you may find that problems that dogged you last year are drying up. Venus moving into your sign late month is good for fun, family and creativity, parties and perhaps even romance. You’ll be feeling good regardless but don’t throw it all away with a poor decision the week of the 26th when you could get caught up in some “monkey business”. Keep all your dealings honest, up-front and try to avoid shortcuts and negative people for best results.

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