PISCES – February 19 to March 20

April 2019: Those who love you know you need gentle kindness and consideration to keep you feeling good about yourself. If there is a bully in your midst now then create a lot of space between him or her and you if possible. Mars is indicating a period of conflicts, perhaps within your own immediate family that has you feeling hurt and confused. Maybe even just within your own mind. Pisces especially does not respond well to aggressive behaviour as they either retreat into their pain or react viciously with a more powerful retribution out of balance with the initial injury and which actually causes more harm to their self. Either reaction is defensive so the question you need to ask yourself is why are you feeling a defensive position now? Are you reacting to the past or a present situation? What are you afraid of? Sometimes inner or outer conflicts bring issues out into the open to be resolved, or it’s karma you put out there a long time ago and it’s come home to roost. Either way, if you are being bullied or bullying yourself or others then you need to be honest about it and break free; including from any self-imposed limitations. You will find this spring period very healing if you drop your fears and embrace the unknown. For some of you Fishes that worry so much the unknown is a more positive self-image and greater feelings of self-confidence. Don’t let others drag you down with their bovine feces.

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