PISCES – February 19 to March 20

June 2019: You have certainly stepped out of your element as you test new waters lately. Some of you have traveled to exotic places, met some new and interesting people and situations, or even challenged yourself to toughen up, grow a thicker skin and not be so sensitive all the time. If you were a crustacean like your sibling Cancer the Crab one could say you may have even grown a new shell. But truthfully, you have taken steps to take better care of yourself, perhaps protect yourself or heal from some troubles in the past few months. That’s great! But it’s not over just yet. Your ruling planet Neptune is being challenged by his good friends Jupiter and Venus this month so keep your eyes and ears open and avoid delusion and extreme situations or people. Generally, you are going to benefit from these planets activating certain areas of your life so focus on the positive stuff and leave the crap alone. However, read the horoscope for Sagittarius this month and if you are living some kind of fantasy and not reality then June may prove to be a nightmare for you. Don’t take on someone else’s troubles; tell him or her to grow up the way you have this year.

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