PISCES – February 19 to March 20

August 2019: The play and movie musical Grease is about summer lovers who find it difficult to reconcile their summer romance fantasy with the reality of back to school. Although you will still have lots of time to play, have fun, travel and socialize in August the end of the month will see the reality of back to work or school demands making it clear that summer is coming to an end. But you had a great summer, right? Now, plan on rolling up your sleeves come autumn as you are going to get busy with work or work at home. The past few months may have brought new people to your place of work and you may be training them or casually showing them the ropes. Additionally, changes in work procedures, new computer software or a business focus has you redeveloping your own skills which is not a bad thing. What would be bad this month is not paying attention to your spending or behaving excessively in another way which could cause greater issues down the road. Balance your books and activities for best results.

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