PISCES – February 19 to March 20

June 2020: Having Mars and Neptune (your ruling planet) in your sign now can be so much fun for you; or a huge problem or both; because that’s how your sign is and Mars just accentuates the fluidity going from one fish to the other. As a water sign you tend to like to take your time about doing things at your own pace, flitting from here to there like a bee or baby fish. That hasn’t been what the universe brought you so far in this year of surprises and too much work but Neptune’s buddy Mars is helping you change all that. What Pisces usually needs is a dose of masculine energy like Mars to kick them in the butt. Astrologers don’t recommend aggression but Mars can indicate you’re feeling more aggressive when it’s in your sun sign. Fortunately, Neptune can dissipate a fighting spirit into a healing force so most of you will feel a reprieve this month and phooey with retrograde planets. Others may be getting a push from the universe and you are able to avoid the usual Mercury retrograde misunderstandings and mistiming. Let your muses out and get busy being creative to refresh and rejuvenate now. You’ll be glad you did.

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