PISCES – February 19 to March 20

April 2020: People of your sign often feel anxious and fearful even when all is going well. The last month must have really taken a toll on you. By now, you probably have found your worst fears have not been realized but you could have to work harder. Many Pisceans gravitate to health care or social service careers and even if you haven’t you’re the sign that takes care of other people usually. Unfortunately, you need to work even harder now and with very little reward. Don’t worry, this will balance out in the future. Your gentle compassion and empathy are really appreciated during any crisis and you are able to draw upon your hidden reserves of energy now. Use your love of the arts and entertainment to balance the stress; surround yourself with music and take advantage of all the arts that have moved to the internet. In fact, you may be feeling especially creative lately but if you don’t have the time for art now, plan on a way to bring more of it into your life after the pandemic situation. Most of this month sees you working hard, and/or in isolation but that doesn’t mean there is no time for fun. Don’t punish yourself with needless worry.

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