PISCES – February 19 to March 20

October 2019: Mercury and Venus are conspiring with Neptune to make all your dreams come true. If your dreams are to spend more time with family, friends and hobbies in particular. This is a great time to be creative or host a party. More than usual, you have itchy feet now and want to keep on the move so you may be digging out the luggage. You may find yourself feeling bored easily and a greater need to feel stimulated or fulfilled. Your fear of being alone may be why you depend on your close relationships to be there for you. This time would be good for processing feelings and figure out what would add to your happiness. Any disappointments now are because you’re relying on others to make you happy and not yourself. If you take the steps to reach out to others they will respond positively. Since your energy level is getting a boost this month, take advantage and spread your wings a little and fly to where your heart desires.

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