LIBRA – September 24 to October 23

April 2020: If peace and quiet are what you wanted this spring then self-isolation should ensure that! Few people could have predicted the current coronavirus pandemic would affect all of us but here we are. Left with a lot of quiet time at home most Libras will redecorate, cook, or be creative somehow, but also find the time for peaceful meditation (or being a couch caterpillar). Your sign is intuitively intelligent which makes you the perfect social butterfly being able to quickly “read a room” and adjust your approach as needed. Aided by the Mars Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, you may be surprised to find the new direction your work or career may take you now. Some of you are still dealing with the Jupiter Pluto conjunction which gives you a last opportunity to lay new firm foundations that are better suited to your ego needs. You are challenged now to manifest the very best of the Libra qualities by nearly all planets. So, utilize your best judgment, intuition, eye for detail and expedience and you’ll soon be back enjoying work. You have a knack now for making work fun, or you found a way to have more happiness in your career and either one is pretty great, right?

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