LIBRA – September 24 to October 23

January 2020: Your sign is often happy-go-lucky and you’re very good at spreading good cheer and making others smile. Not bad for the only non-living zodiac sign (the Scales). You are often able to cut through the crap in life that bogs down others like feeling fearful and “not good enough”. Unfortunately, even Librans can feel insecure at times and it is especially painful because they have a good sense of self and know they should feel better. They also have a resilience that can bear up when others don’t as, like the other air signs, they can detach from emotion and see things more objectively. Circumstances of the last couple years may have left you feeling weary, insecure or even victimised but all that is going to change soon. You’re pretty good at jumping on to the other side of the scale and making lemonade out of lemons when needed. A greater balance should be achieved in 2020 and can begin this month. Many issues will find resolution for you and you could find you have more time to help others. That is a very good thing. Remember to be considerate, patient and gentle with those still finding their own solutions and shine the light on their good qualities to help them along. One can never put a price on being kind and it should continue to be offered freely.

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