LIBRA – September 24 to October 23

April 2019: There isn’t much time for you to catch your breath this month Libra. Mars’ arrival in Gemini spells increased activity for the Scales but trust me, this is a good thing. Saturn and Pluto had some Librans feeling stagnant due to the demands of responsibilities or transformations they endured throughout the dark cold winter, and leaving little time for plain old fun. Well, that’s the past! This month Venus is asking you to come out of the shadows, and reach out to friends and family as you are more than ready to enjoy the warmth of spring and socializing. In fact, there is a very good balance now between work and home and you prefer this kind of equilibrium in your life. Your ever-ready sparkling charm is on display and winning you work contracts and admirers and perhaps a boost in finances. Remember to save a little for a rainy day by paying yourself first now and watch your wealth slowly build later in the year and beyond.

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