LIBRA – September 24 to October 23

June 2020: Everyone usually sees you as sweetness and light but like any other sign, under stress your more negative qualities can arise. Unfortunately these retrogrades and the pandemic we’re all enduring has forced you to be alone and in your head a lot more. Worrying needlessly about anything or feeling morose will get you nowhere. You need this down time to find the right balance and that can be achieved by an honest look at your life and not pretending it’s better than it is. The planets won’t let you anyhow. If inactive the last few months that will change as there is a lot to catch up on in June. Easing of social distancing restrictions will be a good thing for all and will also allow you to stretch your wings a bit more and take flight to some new beginnings. Work demands are more active this month and again, not such a bad thing as you may be working on some new projects or shaping up plans for later activities. The Gemini planets make you want to just have fun and be more active in general. That’s great! You’re hungry for fun activities so get out where and when it’s safe to do so and enjoy life again.

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