LEO – July 24 to August 23

July 2019: Mars moving into your sign on the first day of the month is a very positive development. What’s been missing in your life is action due to the delays and frustrations highlighted by slow-moving planets. You’ve tried addressing a problem in several ways but certain people or situations have not budged no matter what you’ve done. You are very self-reliant and wouldn’t usually ask for help lest it betray a weakness, but now is the time to call in a professional. Then you can move on to all the new developments the solar eclipse and Mars on your Sun will bring. Fixed signs like Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius dislike making changes or ever giving up and it’s why you are all (not just Taurus) known to be stubborn. The warring planet that is flying over top your Sun this month and next will energize you but it may also empower an opponent or renewed attention from an admirer; maybe both. Jupiter is slowing down to make a station in August; partnered with his good friend Mars you are set up for a beautiful resolution to a long-standing problem that has dogged you in the past year. Eclipses are like that; they’re all about sudden changes and it can be good news or bad news depending on perspective.

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