LEO – July 24 to August 23

April 2019: Leos enjoy the limelight because the spotlight is similar to sunlight your own natural energy – well, everybody’s really but Leo works with it best. The sun’s symbol is a dot in the centre of a circle to symbolize the sun being the centre of our solar system, and in astrology, each of us is the centre of our own unique universe. The symbol also represents creative forces and like the sun, Leos are a rich source for creative energies and is why so many Lions are artisans of one kind or another. This month you may find your creations attracting or needing a lot of attention. Would that be your children or your works of art? A spotlight is shining on you now that could help you realize your dreams. You just have to get started and if you admit it, you’re very ready for a new beginning. Expect the unexpected at the end of the month which may help further you along in this new direction if you have been dragging your feet with indecision.

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