LEO – July 24 to August 23

January 2020: The self-proclaimed king of the zodiac has had a bad rap the past couple years. Your sign really is wonderful and you have so much to offer the world but can get sidetracked by craving power and control. If you have suffered under someone else’s attempt to control or manipulate you, or if you have attempted to unfairly control another that is going to stop soon. Issues such as these are to point out where we need to gain greater self-control. Recently, the king of the zodiac (Leo) may have been caught with his or her pants down like the proverbial emperor’s new clothes exposing your painful or embarrassing situation(s). Blaming others is just denial of your own complicity in the matter so ditch the blame and denial, come out of the shadows into the light where you belong and begin showing the rest of us your sun-king qualities. Remember, pain is a symptom that something is wrong and not the problem itself usually. Activities this month could lead you to growth but may require you to explore your own psyche and life circumstances to determine what you can do to move away from guilt, blame and denial and more towards acceptance. Oh, you didn’t know you were in a grief process? Leave the shadows behind and promise yourself to be “lighter” this year, more accepting of yourself and others.

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