LEO – July 24 to August 23

November 2019: Starting off the month with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio may be worse for the August Leos than July Leos. Most every sign may be unable to escape the confusion and mistakes this planetary cycle brings as Mercury’s retreat in the first 3 weeks is going to be annoying. Still, that major benefic we call Jupiter is firing up your sign positively if you let it do its magic. The more stubborn Leos will suffer this month more than those that go with the flow. The minor benefic, Venus, is in very fortunate aspect to you so will balance out the month nicely as you enjoy more fun, friends, family and creative pursuits. Some of you are real social butterflies this month. All of you will certainly be very busy. You may be at the receiving end of someone’s behaviour symbolic of their innate unhappiness or jealousy. Remember to be compassionate as their behaviour reveals a hidden insecurity or inner pain. When you raise your head above the crowd someone always wants to lop it off so wear a big hat to throw off their aim. Planetary cycles have the whole world going a bit crazy now so we must all expect the unexpected and take cover as needed.

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