LEO – July 24 to August 23

June 2020: Saturn has given you a bit of a taste of the responsibilities and changes to come but then will be retrograding into Capricorn by July until mid-December. This gives you about six months to work up a plan for your new life ahead. Do it now as it will be more difficult after December if you try to ignore what needs to be done. Mercury is retrograde on the 17th till mid July so remember to keep your communications sober but not overbearing. Some of you had suffered losses in the recent past and that hurts. Leo is all about the heart; it is the most important organ to you for sure. Now is the time for picking up the pieces and putting things back together. It is fortunate for some that there is this time to retreat when needed and focus on recovery. The time to move forward is coming soon. Financial issues need addressing now and money could be tight for a little while. If you had no cushion you’ll endure more pain but it’s not too late to create a new budget that suits this new era. Later on finances will improve but only if you apply yourself now to a plan to recover and prepare for the future happiness and growth still to come.

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