LEO – July 24 to August 23

February 2020: The planets are nicely lined up for you this month until the Mercury retrograde anyhow. Mars has you enjoying all kinds of diversions and artistic activities. You’ll find self-expression easier now but after Mercury reverses course you may want to reattach your filter to not offend loved ones. Your social life really could use a boost. Fire signs can create their own spark to fire up situations if there isn’t enough going on to satisfy you and with Venus moving into Aries you are definitely fired up for socializing. Romance may also arrive in the form of a new lover or a renewed passion from the spouse. Travel is also highlighted, even if you are one of the many being chained to a long-term problem that needs fixing. Or maybe you are currently breaking free of restrictions (your own?) that have held you back? If so, then let your inner Lion sprout wings and fly now. Letting loose is just the antidote to a stuffy troubled winter and past few months. Try not to scare the horses and children when you emerge from your shell with your usual fanfare. The best self-promoter of the zodiac, you may be surprised that your reputation is not as tarnished as you think and people still want to hang out with you and enjoy your company. And so they should. Nobody can make things fun like you and we need more of this now.

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