GEMINI – May 22 to June 21

September 2019: It’s a mixed bag this month for The Twins as it often is. Your dual nature almost assures that good news arrives along with the bad. Sometimes it is one or the other but the smartest Geminis know how to turn an initial setback into an opportunity. Work demands may be heavy and a conflict may come to a head but it could help clear the air. An opportunity for alleviating a health condition may come up and from a surprising source or practice. Explore alternatives but leave undergoing any treatments to the end of the month when signs are better. You have a guardian angel that lets his/her presence be known in September. This could be at work, home or with a new activity so keep your eyes and ears open. This friend has your best interests at heart. Mars demands your nose to the grindstone most of this month but there is time for fun and romance. Someone with a keen intellect and wit may arrive and leave you fascinated. Always open to new experiences and new friends the activities this month are merely a hint of better things to come.

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