GEMINI – May 22 to June 21

January 2020: Your sign loves to be airborne. Most Twins love to travel and probably wish they had Mercury’s magic winged sandals to fly away or shoes that could be clicked liked Dorothy Gale’s red shoes to take you to wonderful new places. Some planets however have forced you to stay put the last while. Conditions appear to anchor or chain you to a place you don’t like. That could be in a relationship, a job, your geography or almost anything else. One can only ignore or avoid issues and “run away” for so long before the Universe provides ways to make you sit still and take stock. So, are you? This month Mars in Sagittarius may provide a bridge you could cross to improve your lot in life, likely because someone has shown up to point out the bridge you did not see while struggling to break the chains and run away. Events may have pointed out some of your shadow qualities and these are causing you pain. Shine more light on these, then make a list of options and choose just one to try. Just one (perhaps resolve the most urgent need) and just take small steps. This year will provide many positive changes but save the leaping into the unknown for another year. Now, focus on one positive resolution for 2020 then watch the year begin to turn around for you as you create new structures and activities that are better suited to the new person you are becoming.

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