GEMINI – May 22 to June 21

November 2019: It’s a good thing your planetary ruler Mercury is fleet-footed as you are running around all over the place now. Unfortunately, as he is retrograde until the 20th, most of the running around is to fix things. Other signs don’t know how to handle this planet’s energy (well maybe Virgo does) but Mercury the trickster is well-known to you. You are wise enough to know not to get too freaked out as your planetary ruler does its thing of highlighting what needs to be done over so it’s made right or better. Generally, miscommunications, breakdown of electric/electronic and communication devices are the rule during Mercury retrograde. It’s best to look after unfinished business first and to get better organized to wade through a 3-week period that turns some things upside down. Mars is encouraging you to clean up where needed, keep your head held high and make lemonade out of lemons to show people you are someone to be admired. Recent disappointments or the need for renovations are just part of the process of creating a better environment for you to thrive, not be stifled. Be patient.

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