GEMINI – May 22 to June 21

April 2019: You need to be true to your nature and behave like the Twins you are this month. Mars move into Gemini every 18 to 24 months for a month or two which gets everybody moving in two directions at once but especially so for Geminians. Best activities for you in April are sporting events, travel, and any other big moves requiring lots of energy. Even if not looking to add anything to your agenda, the Universe has other ideas in mind. In fact, this may be a good time to just quit with what isn’t working out and explore where new directions may take you. It’s difficult to focus when the warrior planet is in your sign but you’ll find your ability to juggle many projects comes in handy now, as long as you don’t get impatient and fly off the handle. Relationships at home need some extra effort perhaps, especially if travel takes you away from home. Keep communication positive and ongoing to avoid conflicts.

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