GEMINI – May 22 to June 21

July 2019: A financial issue you believed was resolved may come up again this month. You may have to dig into old files and more deeply than you thought to clear up the confusion. If you have not kept up with recording details or filing that could be a problem in a month when Mercury is retrograde. Although we can’t see the eclipse on July 2 in North America its effects may still be felt in how life seems to turn upside down soon after. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Here’s an analogy; one alternative to smashing a piggy bank is to turn it upside down and shake it. It may take longer but the result can be the same; getting at all the money you saved. Somewhere in your life is a piggy bank that you want to pound with a hammer but perhaps you should pick the alternative. It’s all how you see things and decide which solution is best for you. It’s time to move on in life from someone or something that has been holding you back or that makes you angry. Do not smash anyone with a hammer while moving on to be clear.

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