GEMINI – May 22 to June 21

April 2020: The month begins with Mars and Saturn telling you it’s time to quit binge watching TV and get back to regular work. Or looking for work if you were one of the unlucky many that found themselves unemployed suddenly in March. Even if the new normal hasn’t occurred yet you will notice great changes in your usual routines. There is likely not going to be any going back to the old normal which is fine by you. You prefer to move forward in time. If you’re hanging on to any negatives then now is the last opportunity to drop that crap for a while. Your renewed sense of discipline and responsibility will be well-used. Your sign is good during crises as you often remain unemotional and detached from what may be very upsetting to others. You’re tough in other words and are good at hiding real feelings. Knowing we are all in crisis should help you focus on what is important and it is not silly little insecurities. Toughen up if you have been feeling fearful and whiny. Spring and summer should find you flying high eventually and greatly enjoying the new activities you have created for yourself.

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