GEMINI – May 22 to June 21

June 2020: Venus retrograde in your sign is no fun; at first. The problems in communicating or relating arose with anyone in close quarters with you last month but if you are alone that may not be a bad thing. You love people but they can get on your nerves when you can’t escape. You need to feel utter freedom to move or you get grumpy and critical. Sometimes it is the worst traits of the people we love the most that we must ignore but this past while has made that hard. This month there is opportunity to talk things out and past hurts can be cleared up and it is suggested you do that before the Mercury is retrograde on the 17th. Otherwise, expect things to come to a head in the last two weeks of this month, especially if it is differences over money. Mars in Pisces squaring your sign can be confusing but the confusion could have started with you. You believe you are always clear in your communications but not so and that may become clear in June. Don’t be drawn into arguments and screaming matches if you can and instead sit down and calmly discuss solutions.

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