CAPRICORN – December 23 to January 20

August 2019: Even the more curmudgeonly Capricorns will have to admit things are getting better. So slowly it’s almost imperceptible but watch how once the ball gets rolling things begin to speed up just as slowly bringing good news or progress forward. Saturn and Pluto are seriously challenging the status quo as they urge you to form new connections, foundations and structures in your life. That includes relationships, work and even your home. If you’ve been desiring a job or residence change you may make the initial steps in that direction. Some of you are happy where you are but a renovation is necessary. It’s a great time for fixing up the old homestead and you may find once you finish one project you are eager to move to the next. More work is likely to arrive; good news if job hunting and not so much if you’re already working at peak capacity. Unless the increased responsibility is due to a promotion. You are ready for some positive changes and rewards and this month casts a shadow that promises good news is coming.

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