CAPRICORN – December 23 to January 20

February 2019: Your ruling planet Saturn and its sometime nemesis Pluto have been courting one another in your sign. This is just too much for some of the other signs that have been hit hard by the wrath these two together can manifest, but for you, this is an opportune time to build from the past and create new beginnings. Although you are often a bit over-concerned with your status in the community as perceived by others, you are now in a time where you may find greater support and appreciation from several admirers. You may feel like isolating yourself now but new social contacts could be the key to a firmer career foundation so get out and meet some new people. Venus softens this time period so if you feel lonely or depressed you’re living in the past, fearing the future or have sat on your pity pot for too long while you smother yourself in your own cloak of negativity. Snap out of it!

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