CAPRICORN – December 23 to January 20

June 2020: You could finally be moving into some positive new territory after a couple years of stress and the breakdown of old structures that weren’t serving you well. Some of you lost jobs, money or family members and you don’t generally deal with those kinds of losses well. Your first tendency is to pretend it didn’t happen and carry on, then you get confused and angry and usually that just makes a greater mess. Your anger is ultimately self-destructive as it may lead you to want revenge on who or what hurt you. If you can’t find something to blame you may get angry at everyone and everything. Life isn’t fair but pushing away the people who care about you will only make things worse. If you are trying to improve your life but feel stuck then it may be better now to accept the losses and choose to move into acceptance so you can move on. The universe may highlight some people’s mistakes now but that is so you can recognize them, learn from the experience for when it happens again. Now is a good time to make plans for a new job or career direction to come later. Mercury is retrograde after the 17th across from your sign so expect some odd or late communications. Don’t sign contracts until after July 12th.

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