CAPRICORN – December 23 to January 20

January 2020: Often, you have been the strong one for others to lean on in the past but now you could benefit from a little coddling yourself. Not that you’d ask for it as you are too afraid to show your feelings much. Not the negative, shadowy kind; we see that all the time earning you a reputation for being a miserable cuss sometimes, weighing others down with your morbidity. Unfortunately, it’s only the people who know you well that get to see that softer, sensitive side you hide so well. Also, you equate your own self-worth with money and possessions. That’s also sad as right now income could be meagre leaving you feeling insecure and grumpy. You may believe you’re angry at the world but you’re angry at yourself really and you need to forgive yourself for any mistakes, count your blessings and move forward. The past is not serving you well. But the future probably will. The lunar eclipse and Capricorn planets may force you to take account of your life this month, shining a light on all that’s wrong and by chance reveal a hidden gem. A gem called hope. A lucky break will be the catalyst or you’ll create an opportunity that can help turn things around this year. Plant and nurture those positive new roots and let go of any anger and denial. Moving into acceptance will help you undertake your new pathway to success in life.

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