CAPRICORN – December 23 to January 20

December 2019: Your patience is to be admired. For the last while your planetary ruler Saturn and his buddy Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) have been unearthing all kinds of problems for you. Some were disasters waiting to happen and could have affected you in nearly any area of life, often several at once. Many of the situations that occurred this past year have been beyond your control. Unfortunately if this happened too often then you may have been left with a bit of PTSD, seeing everything going on as bad when it’s not. One reason the Universe appears to have human beings endure trauma and disaster is to clear the path for them to learn something new. That is a positive outcome but very difficult to see or understand while the disaster is still going on. But, like mining for an unseen precious ore or gem persistence must win out if one plans to eventually dig deeper for the reward. Life will be like this next year. Hidden opportunities will crop up from time to time but the more you dig into it the closer you’ll come to success. Now that you’ve been uprooted, make sure when the time arrives you lay new roots in endeavours that better serve you in the long run.

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