CAPRICORN – December 23 to January 20

June 2019: Push has finally come to shove with Saturn and Pluto traveling through your sign so it may be time to pull back in some relationships. This month finds Mercury and Mars joining forces to oppose these two dark powerhouse planets so expect some crisis to come to a head mid-month when all Hades breaks loose. At first, you may find yourself having disagreements or conflicts at home or at work this month, but as oppositions can provide bridges for the planets involved, if you choose your words and your actions carefully you may have a breakthrough somewhere that leaves a negative situation or relationship behind. If so, resist the urge for revenge and let it/him/her go as it will be for the best. You must knock down the ruins of your old house, clear the debris, redo the foundation and then build on this new foundation if you wish to properly recover from a devastating situation. In the last year, if you endured tough times, then ask yourself what stage are you in now? Knocking down, clearing or rebuilding? Accept wherever you are now but work towards moving forward to rebuild your house in spite of past events and you may remember June 2019 as a very positive milestone of your life in coming years.

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