CAPRICORN – December 23 to January 20

October 2019: Fitness experts know that muscle that is damaged can be rebuilt into a stronger or bigger muscle. Lifting weights tears muscles for example but proper rest in between and consumption of protein will enhance the reformation of the muscle in size and strength. Pluto is a bit like bodybuilding. Its goal is to help you build more muscle and Pluto helps build solid structures to improve life stability. It tests your resources and endurance but also your adaptability. For you, Pluto is now in your star sign, and has been/will be for a while. Some may experience this cycle as a lot of pain, yet hidden in this pain is an opportunity for recreating a better life. Planetary cycles are available to help you rebuild somewhere. In fact, any advancement forward is because you are now stronger and getting stronger every day like bigger muscles. Natives of your sign understand that time can bring not just healing but also resolutions to longstanding issues. Whether the resolutions occur by erosion, repair or just waiting things out at least you’re moving forward and the stars are looking bright.

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