CAPRICORN – December 23 to January 20

April 2019: If you have felt like you were walking uphill through wet cement the last while you were not alone but your pathway will be getting better soon. Obstacles in your way are being cleared slowly but surely as you prepare for a rebirth in your near future which may affect your home life or career. Family responsibilities are endured because you love them but if you’re not getting everyone to pitch in then whose fault is that? You’re less inclined to bear unfair loads now but you need to let people know. Your creative juices are really flowing, you want more fun in your life and you feel the need to create something. Spring fever is just the ticket for you more serious Capricorns so enjoy this season of renewal and get outdoors for fresh air. The family may be growing this year due to a surprise addition to the fold. If you need to move because of a new job or home, May or June would be a good time to do it.

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