CANCER – June 22 to July 23

July 2019: Most Cancerians would agree that this past year has been a doozey, with ups and downs that rival any roller coaster. Your sign in particular may have gone through several losses and gains, and a kaleidoscope of challenges by the end of the ride this month. Not everything changed but one thing led to another and compared to last year one could wonder if anything stayed the same. You did. You always survive—you always come out the other side—because you stay the course. People know they can rely on you. How come you don’t see yourself the way others do? Sometimes you can dump on yourself and with all the stuff thrown at you this year do you really need to add to it? No, you don’t but what you need to do is get out more and have some fun. Give yourself a bit of time to dream, fantasize and play like a kid again. There will always be things to fix and people to please but pleasing yourself should take top priority this month. Just watch your spending especially in the last two weeks of the month while Mercury is retrograde in your sign.

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