CANCER – June 22 to July 23

April 2019: Forces working behind the scenes have been preparing you for a new beginning. Now that you’ve accepted the changes presented, you’ll find doors opening to help you achieve your new objectives. This can occur at work or at home, and for some both; e.g. if one moved to a new area for a work opportunity. Whatever your life transformation this month embrace it and get ready to show off the new you. Venus indicates a desire for new clothes or décor, and could it also be a makeover for you to show off for that certain someone you’ve been eyeballing? Romantic inclinations should be explored or get out now and make new friends. Work and other responsibilities the last six months or so have tied you down. Socializing and hanging out at family celebrations this month will help fill your need to feel the love, and the natural warmth you project now is appreciated.

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