CANCER – June 22 to July 23

April 2020: You’re one of the signs that really got hit with changes due to the coronavirus. The bad news is that you tend to get anxious when your routine is thrown out of whack and your first response to unexpected events is emotional. Once you put that aside your practical side kicks in and you’ll handle everything quite well. Any threat to the home, family or motherland puts you on high alert. After this is over you better visit a spa to unwind. Changes to your routine involve balancing work and home needs during a time of crisis. The good news is that with some aspects of your life falling by the wayside, you can see more clearly other opportunities on the horizon. It is also possible that if you handle the current crisis at work well the higher-ups will see and further opportunities may be in the near future. If self-quarantining and you have extra time you will appreciate this down time which is also an unexpected gift of greater peace in your environment. That is if you can get the rest of the family to enjoy the opportunity for quieter times and not demand all your time.

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