CANCER – June 22 to July 23

June 2020: Chiron in Aries and Black Moon Lilith are causing a bit of trouble for you. What these have in common is they tap into your deepest inner wounds, but whereas Chiron may help you heal, Lilith brings out your darkest traits and you could be kinda grouchy to say the least now. Perhaps the quarantine has gotten to you or you suffered some other restriction or loss. It’s possible someone sees you as an enemy and are trying to fight back or withdraw. It’s also possible that you have been bossy and moody in case you didn’t know you’re prone to that. You need to tap into your softer side now, relax in a luxurious bath or sit awhile in nature if the isolation is getting to you. Your kindness and care for others is what makes you one of the nicest signs of the zodiac and you need to show it. If you are attracting conflict in your life now your first step should be to review your own behaviour or communications to ensure your role in the matter. If you did nothing wrong then turn away and focus on the good stuff. If you made mistakes then there is opportunity during all these retrogrades to set things right. It won’t be done for you this time.

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