CANCER – June 22 to July 23

February 2019: You may be grasping on to conditions in your life that aren’t realistic or helpful. You may feel like the planets are ganging up on you now but actually they are prodding you to fight back or just work harder. Your moodiness is freaky to others so self-discipline is a better response. Choose your battles and opponents carefully. Bosses and others in power over you may expect more from you, but fortunately your famous persistence can help if you need to put in overtime proving you’re committed. This is not the time for road rage at work or while on the road so go home and kick the soft furniture if you must. It would be better to express your aggression, discontent and anger in a healthful way at the gym, playing sports or in other forms of competition and hard work. This way you could win. Leave behind whomever or whatever is holding back your progress and create a thoughtful exit plan if necessary.

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