CANCER – June 22 to July 23

September 2019: For many Cancerians (and a few other signs) the Saturn station on the 17th of this month is a turning point for you. Surely, you’ve noticed the past coming back to your doorstep has been a prevailing theme this year. People, situations, and unfinished business from the past have been popping up left and right for many causing confusion and anxiety. These feelings stem from a fear of making a wrong decision or of being rushed to choose, so your response has been to avoid making a decision about the matter. But now you are going to have to make a decision. For best results, calm down, tap into your inner power or Higher Power and make the choices that must be made. Now would be a good time to consult a minister, lawyer, financial advisor or any other authority figure that can guide you in making your decisions. Saturn has a way of making you face your fears but when it goes stationary direct as it does mid-month, this is also a good time for making choices that leave the past behind, setting off in new directions, and making important decisions about one’s life. Good luck!

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