ARIES – March 21 to April 20

June 2020:  Some of you have been keeping secrets but these may be revealed during the Mercury retrograde. It may not be dirty laundry so don’t panic, but it is likely a plumbing related issue, your own or your home’s and it could have been going on for awhile. Retrogrades often reveal hidden issues. Or maybe a hidden problem in the family comes to light. With Mercury in Cancer this month the family or home may become a source of frustration but the good news is by mid-July all should be fixed. If you have been hiding illness that may also be revealed, or an illness unknown by you comes to light. If you are overdue for any kind of medical check-up and restrictions have been lifted it would be a good time to do a full health check from head to toe and perhaps catch any issue in early stages. Your blood pressure and circulatory or dental issues could be rising this month. Some Aries don’t handle crises too well and blow a gasket. You may need to calm down this month and it is also a good time to look into meditation, retreating to nature or a bubble bath with wine; anything that helps you rest your head is good.

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