ARIES – March 21 to April 20

February 2020:  The dark moon Lilith and Chiron conjoin in Aries now for a short dance of a couple months. This may bring up some deep-seated hurt or memory and at first, along with the other stressors now, leave you feeling kinda dark. You may be surprised at the level of emotion or reaction some people instill in you and it could be a good idea to process those feelings and resist the urge to strike out. It’s okay because with the wounded healer Chiron shadowing Lilith, he provides a solution for a speedier healing. Sometimes this indicates a troubled person or situation from your past reappearing. Take this time to be brutally honest with yourself and others and although there could be some fireworks with things more out in the open this may bring you closer to a resolution. This time may also require you to make a sharp change of plans which may not be a bad thing. You’re more than capable of short bursts of intense energy to get things done and this could be one of those times when that is needed. Don’t let others and their negative agendas steer you off your pathway. And remember to take a rest when the dust clears.

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