Aquarius – January 21 to February 18

September 2019: Most of the planets are not interacting with your sign leaving you in a relative period of calm and opportunity for contemplation. Your ruling planet however is taking you back to your roots, literally or in your mind at least. Memories of the past come forth causing you to think about current conditions and the progress you’ve made overcoming problems that once held you back. Revolutionary changes may be developing behind the scenes but for now your commitment to the present activities is strong. Attention to detail remains, as is a need to reorganize your life in some way. Financial issues may pop up early in the month but are resolved by the end of the month. Creative activities take a fair amount of time, or perhaps you’re spending a lot more time with kids. That would make sense if you’re a teacher or parent dealing with back to school. But if you have the urge to write, paint, sculpt or take up any other artistic hobby now is a great time for it. Your social life picks up considerably at the end of the month so expect to attend a few parties and family gatherings.

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