Aquarius – January 21 to February 18

January 2020: Saturn was your ruling planet until Uranus was discovered and astrologers said, “hmmm, wait a minute”. The two planets have a gory mythology together but the good news is Venus the planet of love and beauty arose from the castrated genitals of Uranus and sea foam (blame Saturn for that). The ancient peoples were as weird as we are today it seems. Although they could not get on the internet and order up sex and drugs like pizza. Anyhow, many of the Waterbearers have a few bizarre stories in their lives which may cause them to bury their more excruciating feelings. The pain of tyrannical Saturn and discordant Uranus tangling manifests pretty painful episodes in your life sometimes. Remember, Venus arose from their planetary warfare and is seen in Aquarius’ deep love of humanity, art, design, creativity, aesthetics, and more. You can be so good at bringing life and healing or inspiration to others. The eclipse and planetary transits this month provide opportunities for healing in several areas of life now and may herald a breakthrough in your journey. When Saturn moves into your sign in late March you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and get back to work so enjoy any quiet time you have now to reflect and just enjoy life. Be kind to yourself, be creative and just play for awhile! You can be serious again later in the year.

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