Aquarius – January 21 to February 18

November 2019: Mars continues to fire up your creativity and you’re finding greater balance in all of life’s affairs lately. Good for you and remember this when the Mercury retrograde creates any challenges that cause you to have to rework your plans. Sometimes, Aquarius is so caught up in their ideals or work that they lose their peripheral vision and forget that life is a crazy kaleidoscope of other people and situations that also want their time. You have quite a juggling act this month pleasing everybody as the social invitations continue in tandem with work demands. Have fun or work, hmmm, what a choice to make; but what if you could choose both? You can, and in just the right balance once you accept certain changes. For a sign ruled by the planet of sudden change (Uranus) you sure don’t like changes thrust upon you. It’s okay if you’re initiating the change but you don’t like not having choices. Fortunately, more freedom, peace and quiet is coming but for now is still hidden behind the scenes in the near future.

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