Aquarius – January 21 to February 18

May 2019: The whirlwind from April calms down some but not entirely. This is not a bad thing. Sometimes you do your best work in the middle of a tornado and those who know and love you just take cover and let you do your thing. There is still a storm of activity in early May but take the first weekend off for a rest. Wildly imaginative and creative you have a knack for getting things done in spite of challenges and in May you continue to show your expertise in a number of areas. Whether this is in artistic or work-related endeavours doesn’t matter; the Waterbearer is a pro at balancing arts and sciences, having a deep appreciation for both and often can turn a hobby into a career. The month gets quieter and more positive as you get closer to June. Relationship issues from the past that are about abandonment or rejection come up around the 7th but aren’t really settled until the 31st. Remember that everyone wins in a compromise. The last ten days of May bring good news and activities where you finally get to enjoy the rest and renewal that Spring has to offer.

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