Aquarius – January 21 to February 18

June 2020: You’re often misunderstood as you do not explain yourself well (or at all) and this can be misinterpreted. You find it difficult to express your feelings most times and some people see you as remote or stony. You can be communicative but blame your fixed sign status for being emotionally conservative. Rarely do we see the Aquarian stubbornness as you are very flexible and respond well to sudden changes. But your adherence to your ideals and occasional inflexibility causes you more trouble than is necessary—until you learn to achieve emotional understanding and connection without changing yourself. Yet this is your way and why not? Just ask yourself if you are not seeing what is staring you right in the face. Solutions aren’t always so mysterious; they may take a desire to try something new even if it doesn’t fit in with your normal way of doing things. The universe is providing many possibilities now to bring a greater balance to your life by trying new things and there are many more opportunities for fun and socializing as the month wears on. Just don’t forget that Mercury retrograde begins on the 17th so watch out for miscommunications.

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