Aquarius – January 21 to February 18

July 2019: Changes occurring this month are a culmination of the first part of the year in a way. It’s been nothing but tornadoes, and flooding, and storms all over the news but fortunately you don’t really tap into all that. Your inner guide is often a better adviser of how to effectively and positively live your own life. The turmoil in other signs now can be just like distant thunder if you wish to not be drawn in to it. But Aquarians are expert at facilitating positive change for others so you’ll find many benefiting from your wisdom and philosophies during a tumultuous month of six retrogrades. The truth is, you need to kick up your heels and have fun as you’re feeling on top of the world and it’s hard to do with so many going through troubles. Own your own life. That could be a philosophy of yours already but if not, perhaps this month would be a good time to adopt it. Mars is firing up your energy level attracting attention but if it also attracts aggression you know what to do. Eclipses are a great time to clear up messes, backlogs and problems; and for purging and leaving behind whatever is outworn and not useful any longer.

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