Aquarius – January 21 to February 18

April 2020: As if the world hasn’t gone crazy enough you now find yourself with combative Mars and Saturn in your sign highlighting your darker qualities. Mars will zip through in six weeks but Saturn will be here for 2.5 years so what should you do? Well avoid conflicts wherever you can but in the first few weeks you have quite a balancing act at hand. The brighter news is that Venus (so friendly to you) wants to bring in fun and creativity. Now is the time to renovate, redecorate or set up a creative workspace. Rediscovering your artisanal crafts would be perfect. Venus and Mars are encouraging you to break away from solitary confinement and kick up your heels. Not in public but on the internet of course. You may find yourself much more involved with digital media the next while but unfortunately this may add to your detached nature when you realize how much can be done without being around people! Balance this with spending as much time with family at home as you can and reach out to others far away. Travel plans will have to be changed (true for most signs!) but you may be pleased that the new change in plans could be better than those previously booked.

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